Dear Visitor, We all of us survive due to three basic needs like air, water, and food.

Of them, food is essential to keep us fit and long-living.

Being a pharmacologist, I began to learn that the food we eat is a cause of many diseases and disorders. This is due to the contamination of the food due to the way it was grown before it reaches us.

This indicates that we should know what we are eating and what it contains.

This can only be possible if we grow our own food on our own premises or farms.

However, growing in a conventional way can make the food mostly a poison with impurities which is injurious to health.

If we rely on seeds from manufacturers, chemical fertilizers and pesticides, then our food is contaminated.

To avoid this one has to grow foods in a natural manner.

So, the effort on this site is to inform how to grow healthy foods for yourself and your family and also derive sufficient income from it.

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