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A plant requires macro and micronutrients in sufficient quantities for healthy growth.

But when exposed to chemical fertilizers, there is an incomplete supply of these nutrients due to the inability of the plants to take up these inorganic and elemental forms for fertilizers.

Further, exposing them to harsh chemical pesticides will deprive these plants of an option of natural pollination as the birds and friendly insects involved in pollination are killed.

Hence, there is damage to human health and natural flora due to the chemical growth of plants.

We aim to enhance the health of humans by promoting the natural growth of plants by organic means and also save money spent on food.

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Praveena P

A Senior Statistical programmer resident of Fremont, California.

She is a garden enthusiast and loves to grow her own vegetables in her backyard.


about author

Ranga. Nr, a farmer and also a professor in pharmacology.

With the growth in technology and excess use of artificial chemicals, most of the foodstuffs we consume today are mostly contaminated and lack sufficient nutrients.

This leads to greater susceptibility to diseases, physical weakness, lack of stress resistance, and decreased life span.

Hence, growing food material by natural methods helps overcome this problem.

However, not all of us can go for farming and growing our own food materials due to lack of space and other issues.

Here we strive to provide tips and methods to grow food on normal farms, gardens, and inside homes.

We also provide resources where you can buy natural foods if you cannot grow them independently.

You can contact us at admin (@) farmpractices (dot) com.