Farm Security System Types and Their Benefits

The concept of farm security is a challenge for many farmers. This is often applicable to farmers with a large area of land that is difficult to watch. The farmer leaves the crops and animals that are left on the farm after the daily operation. Besides them, even expensive equipment and machinery are also kept within the farm.

Theft in any form has devastating effects on the farm. Small equipment such as sprayers, weighing balance, and planters can be stolen without a trace. Loss of tools and equipment makes farming difficult for the farmer.

Farm insecurity causes not only the theft of working equipment. There is also a risk of possible loss of crops and livestock. The harvested crop and farm animals could be carried away.

Thus, it is essential to secure your farm by following simple security solutions. You need to install security systems on your farm. With that, you can deter thieves from entering your farm, save money, time and stay hassle-free.

Types of farm security systems.

  1. Electronic system: This system consists of installing electronic devices. Examples include alarms, access control, and video surveillance cameras on the farm.
  2. Non-electronic system: This system uses locks and lights.

Electronic Systems.

farm security

Alarms can be installed on the farm connected to a monitoring station outside the farm. The alarm generates signals to the monitoring station. This would alert the police to inform them of unauthorized access. You can buy Solar Sound & Light Alarm Motion Sensor from Amazon for $16.

Electronic access control cards are a better alternative to key locks. Electronic access control cards prevent unauthorized access to the farm. Not only can you control access, but you can also record the card used to gain entry, the date and time of entry. There is a chance that a worker may accomplice the theft. The identity of the person would be known through the card used to gain access to the farm. These design access control systems that can be used on the farm.

Cameras, monitors, and recorders are combined as a video surveillance system. This video surveillance system is more effective with the integration of motion sensors. The motion sensor triggers the video recorder when human movement is detected. An eight-camera wireless CCTV setup from amazon can cost $59.

Advantages of Electronic System

You will be able to get the identity of who broke into your farm and what they stole. This provides concrete evidence for the police. Installation of alarms can signal alerts on mobile devices anywhere and anytime. Thus, it is of excellent benefit to buy and install a high-quality system.

The disadvantage of the Electronic System

The cost of acquiring the CCTV surveillance security cameras is expensive

Non-Electronic Systems.

Keep locks on all your farm gates especially the ones that lead to yards or anywhere your farm tools are stored. This may not stop all thieves but will slow down others who will have to make some noise to get inside. Thieves will not want to make alert anyone to them. Thieves cannot peep into your store to see the equipment you have before attempting to steal it. If they don’t know for sure what’s inside, they may be reluctant to break in. You can get locks such as Abus, Squire, APC, Sterling, and Abloy for about £20-£40.

Install light sources to dark areas at night such as the farm pathway to prevent the clear entry of thieves. Lights should always stay on all through the night till dawn. Passive infrared security (PIR) light is an advanced electronic device. It turns on anytime there is movement on the farm. PIR security light could have wires or wireless. A wired PIR is connected to the mains electricity supply while the wireless to solar power. There are some areas of a farm which are far from an electric source. This is where a solar-powered security light will work fine. So, you can install it almost anywhere. PIR lights can be purchased at Screwfix.

Advantages of Non-Electronic Systems.

Buying locks and lights are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of Non-Electronic Systems.

Locks are easy to break. You cannot record any crime scene as police evidence compared to electronic systems.

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