Conventional Farming | Methods and Facts

Conventional farming involves a natural approach to farming. This is a practice followed by man since time immemorial.

This farming used cattle for farm works and also growing of cattle and birds for milk and meat.

With the improvement in technology and science and the desire for more yield, it leads to the use of machinery and artificial manures.

Animals for milk

cows on farm in Conventional Farming

Animals like buffaloes, cows are reared for their milk production. Besides, their waste is used as farmyard manure.

The milk is pure without chances of milk adulteration and the manure is rich in all the essential minerals needed for crop production.

The male animals like the ox help in tilling the soil, transport materials by the use of a cart.

Their maintenance is easy if there are vast grasslands and sufficient water. So farmers prefer to rear cattle.


Conventional Farming birds

Farmers also grow birds like hen and ducks for their eggs and meat. These animals too live on insects, grains, etc. which are easily available in and around the farm.

This helps the farmers gain food with minimal expenditure. The growth of a large number of birds as poultry also helps in the sale of eggs and meat to gain monetary benefits.

Growing of crops

Growing of crops in farms is the livelihood for farmers in conventional farming. In the past, the farmer used to use his stored seeds from the previous harvest or obtain them from fellow farmers. These seeds had the vitality to produce crops whose seeds were again used for the future.

This is quite different from present-day farming where the farmer relies on seed companies.  These seeds produce a good yield but the seeds formed by this crop would not behave the potential to produce a new plant with the same vitality.

Hence, the farmer has to rely on seed companies for every cropping season.

Further, he also relies on fertilizers and pesticides from agriculture companies.

Whereas the conventional farmer never relied on the purchase of seeds, manures, and pesticides. So, it was literally the real art of farming with minimal investment.

The current farmer has to invest a lot of money in the form of seeds, manures, and pesticides. So, for him farming is a business and if the output is not beneficial he is in loss and distress.

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