List of Agriculture Jobs | 8 Best Careers for Science students

Agriculture is one of the major contributors for economy of most countries.

It is the source of food and raw material for textile industries.

Agriculture sector has great potential for business as evident by emergence of many biotechnology and related industries.

It is an interesting subject to choose as a career option.

This is especially suited for those who like greenery, nature, plants and outdoor work.

There are many courses in the field of agriculture (branches of agriculture) and also many enthusiastic students who take up these courses.

List of Agriculture Jobs

1. In agriculture universities or universities with agriculture courses:

In agriculture universities present around your place of residence. The agricultural jobs include professors, lecturers for teaching under graduate and post graduate students. They also engage in research and offer PhD degrees.

There are also scientist jobs for various branches of study like soil & ground water analysis, plant pathology, breeding etc.

They also have technical jobs to help scientists and teaching professional in their practical work, and so they also recruit technicians.

The scientist jobs require post graduate or doctoral degree holder while technicians can be of graduate and below graduate level candidates.

2. In Agricultural Research Institutes:

There are many Research Institutes engaged purely in agricultural research in many countries. These research institutes have agriculture jobs in the form of scientists, technicians and administrative personal.

3. In private Industries:

There are many private industries in agricultural sector involved in seed production, manufacture of fertilizers, pesticides, making of farm equipment, horticulture, dairy etc.



They have agriculture jobs in the form of engineers, scientists, technicians, managerial personnel, etc.

4. In television sector:

This is quite interesting set of agriculture jobs if one has creative and good communication skills. There are few television channels which telecast agriculture related programs which involve methods of cultivation, improvements and any new developments in the field. The jobs include program planner, coordinators, scientists and anchors.

5. Marketing: These jobs require any science graduate and involves enhancement of sales of seeds, fertilizers, machinery of any particular company.

6. Banking: Many banks especially in rural areas are involved in providing agricultural loans (crop loans) to the needy farmers. For this they some agriculture jobs like field officers who evaluate the land or crops, their yield potential to decide how much of loan can be sanctioned to the farmers.

7. Agriculture jobs in Public sector: There are also few jobs in government sector like inspectors- to check seed quality, field officers-to advice and inform farmers regarding farming, new developments, officer to regulate proper provision and distribution of seeds to farmers, etc.

8. On field: If one is interested in farming, then they can find a career in cultivation. For this they need to hire a farm for it or get hired to cultivate for others.


This career of working in farms is quite peaceful and pleasant for many. This is also a place of work where you face least problems due to competition or politics. Also you can have your own working hours and schedules. Hence farming is considered as one of the noble professions.

9. Veterinary physician: This profession involves taking care of animals, birds and fishes of agriculture.

This job has more demand in dairy industry and also poultry farming.

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